FOR BUYERS: We put buyers and sellers together. You make the deal directly with the seller and arrange payment and delivery. There is no commision to pay for either buyer or seller. In some cases, where the seller does not have email or an available payment proceedure we'll put the seller in contact with you.

FOR SELLERS:This is a public service to Galaxidi residents. There are no fees and no commission to pay if you live in Galaxidi. We put you together with the buyer and you make your own financial and delivery arrangements. There is currently NO CHARGE to advertise on Galaxidi Marketplace IF you live in Galaxidi. You must supply your own photos (digital perferred) and all specifications and contact information.

If you live outside of Galaxidi please see below for pricing details.
    1. A one-time set-up fee is charged for each display page
      (Price is based on size and complexity of ad. Contact us for details).
    2. A monthly payment fee (paid in advance) for a 6-month display period.
    3. Some of the things that determine the set-up fee include:
      Number of photos to be used and if any photo enhancement is required.
      Number of products and type of merchandise
      Amount of text submitted (submit text is English only or both English and Greek)
Contact us by email today more information!

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