Buses leave daily from Terminal B, KTEL Liossion Station in Athens.
260 Liossion Street
Athens Bus Terminal B is actually on Ag Dimitriou Aplon Street which runs parallel to Liosson Street. To get to the terminal itself after you get off the bus, turn right onto Yousiou and you will see the terminal at the end of the street.
210-831-7096 or 7153 for current schedules.
16 euros - one-way
Departure Times:
7:30, 10:30, 13:00 and 17:30 (Subject to change so confirm by phone.)
Trip Duration:
About 4 hours
The bus route to Galaxidi from Athens takes you through Thiva, Arahova, and Delphi - with stops in each - before arriving in Amfissa and/or Itea where you may need to change to another bus for Galaxidi (30 minutes from Amfissa, 10 minutes from Itea). Just check with the driver to confirm any last minute changes.
KTEL Web Site
(in Greek and English):
NOTE: For up-to-date information on all KTEL bus routes dial 14-505 when in Greece.
Directions to KTEL Liossion Bus Station
By Bus:
Take the E93 (sometimes called X93) express bus (door 5 - lower level) and tell the driver that you want Terminal B.
By Metro:
Take the metro from the Airport to MONASTIRAKI. Change to the GREEN LINE in the direction of KIFISSA. Get off at KATO PATISSIA (5th stop). See Map.
Please consult the Attiko Metro web site for more information.
By Taxi:
Contact George's Taxi Service ( for personal pick-up or take any taxi from in front of the airport. Fare to Athens Bus Terminal B can be around 35 euros plus tip depending on time of day, number of passengers, etc. so make sure you ask the driver how much he will charge BEFORE getting into the cab. For more information on taxi fares in Greece go to
By Bus:
Take the 024 bus from Amalias Ave. by Syntagma Square or Panapistimiou Street. Tell the driver you want Bus Terminal B.
From Athens Airport by Rental Car:
Exit the rental lot onto the highway leading from the airport (62 Attiki Odos) to the E94 (6) north toward Athens. There will be one toll before you take the interchange to the E75 (1) toward Lamirea. (NOTE: if you miss this exit you will continue on to Korinthos and the E65 across the northern Peloponese to PATRA where you will have to take the RIO BRIDGE (12 euros) over the Gulf and travel East back to Galaxidi through Nafpaktos. See Directions "From Patras By Car".) The E94 is a high-speed, multi-lane, divided tollway and there will be several tolls before you take the THIVA exit (route 3). From Thiva on to Galaxidi the road will be two-lanes only and more mountanous with many switchbacks once you pass Levadia. Continue through Thiva on the 3 until you connect to the 48 to LEVADIA, DISTOMO, ARACHOVA and DELPHI. From Delphi you come down a winding mountain road with many switchbacks. At the bottom the 48 road connects to the E65 (National Highway). Turn left (west) toward ITEA and along the coast to GALAXIDI. Allow about 3 to 4 hours drive time from Athens to Galaxidi, more if you stop along the way or if traffic is heavy.

You can also find a map with more instructions on getting to Galaxidi from Athens by car here.

IMPORTANT: If you're driving in Greece for the first time be very defensive. Greek drivers are very aggressive and do not always follow posted speed limits or traffic rules. Keep to the right at all times and expect to be passed at any time or place by faster vehicles. For your safety be prepared to give way to oncoming vehicles entering your lane while passing other cars coming toward you. The E65 highway from Korinthos to Patra is very dangerous, especially on weekends and holidays.
From Patras Bus Terminal:
The Bus Station in Patra is located across from the Commercial Port Entrance on the north part of Patras near the Train Station. Telephone +30 26104 21205 or +30 26106 39108. Vist the web site HERE for more information on schedules for the Patras to Galaxidi route. Times change from summer to winter.

There is usually a bus from the main bus station in Patra at about 08:30 A.M. to Galaxidi. Other times may be available and may vary depending on the season and holidays. We strongly advise that you check departure times close to the day you want to leave. You can buy your ticket in advance or at the station. The bus route takes you across the Rio Bridge through Nafpaktos and Eratini. After stopping in Galaxidi the bus continues on to Itea where connections can be made to Delphi, Athens or other destinations in Eastern Greece. The journey time to Galaxidi is about 2 hours depending on the specific bus and route.
From Patras Ferry Terminal:
The New Patras Passenger Port Terminal is located on the south side of town. You can access the web site for the passenger port HERE. To avoid going through busy Patras simply follow the signs that lead to the 8A/E65 Patras to Corinth National Highway and head in the direction of Athens. Take the exit to the RIO BRIDGE (12 euro toll). Stay on course to the bridge or choose the exit to the Rio - Antirio Ferry.

After crossing the Rio Bridge and paying the toll keep to the right and take the exit for Nafpaktos and the 48/E65 National Road. Just before Nafpaktos you will be presented with a choice of roads; either stay left to take the high-speed highway around Nafpaktos or turn to the right and take the smaller road through the town. Either choice will eventually take you back to the two-lane 48/E65 road to Galaxidi. If you have the time we would reccommend you stop in Nafpaktos for a coffee by the beautiful harbor or visit the castle on the hill. For more about Nafpaktos go HERE.

After you leave Nafpaktos it's about a one-hour drive to Galaxidi. There are several beautiful sea-side villages along the way and if you have the time we suggest that you try to experience more of the Greek life by visiting some of the local sites; lunch in Marathias, an afternoon in Glyfada - with a short 10-minute ferry trip over to the island of Trazonia, a beautiful seaside lunch in Eratini, or the beautiful beach at Aghi Pantes. Then, relax and enjoy a wonderful dinner by the sea in historical Galaxidi.

You can also find a map with more instructions on getting to Galaxidi from Patras by car here.